What we have?


We are the youth, who has an interest in business, especially innovative business model. We unite around the same idea, and through 3 month's we explore the field and prospects in Gyumri and in Armenia, at general. Now we have a clear plan of action for the creation of prerequisites for the development of innovative businesses.

Which is our goal?


Our goal is to reach Innovative business development in Gyumri, release of competitive products in the international market, through the existing action plan. Thus, we will improve social conditions of city.

How will we achieve?


As a result of our research, it became clear that in Gyumri are prerequisites for the development of innovative businesses, we have undertaken to create innovative environment, where more likely is the emergence of innovative ideas. It is the main precondition of development of Innovative Businesses.

Where do we want to achieve?


With all this we want that Gyumri to become a leading position in innovative business field, not only in Armenia, but also throughout the region, which will produce competitive goods in international market.

The purpose education sector is to supply appropriate proffesional knowledge, experience to develope innovative business environment. It will also provide an opportunity to young people to gain skills and education appropriate to international qualifications
The purpose of Innovation and Start up sector is to derect the ones who have innovative business ideas to pass the path from idea to real business in a competent way.
The purpose of Business Consulting sector is to provide existing businesses with highly professional consulting services giving them an opportunity to improve the final result of their operations and be promoted in the market.

Innovative Business Camp

ԿThe business environment is developing hour by hour, and if one wants to access and function in it, he not only needs good entrepreneurship skills, but also innovative business ideas. Many young people actually have that ideas, the problem is that they don't know how to find methods and develop mechanisms to make them happen. Realizing the importance of the mentioned above the Innovative Business Development Club /IBDC/ of "Compass" educational, research and consultancy center initiated the project ''Innovative Business Camp''.
The purpose of the project is to reveal the creative potential of youth, develop creative thinking and help them to make practical steps to bring their business ideas into life.
The project team has set the following objectives:
increasing the motivation in youth to start their own innovative business
Raising awareness among young people of innovative business trends
to reveal the creative potential in young people
Using creative thoughts in formalizing business ideas
to invest innovative business ideas into business environment
to give the youth the knowledge to bring their business ideas into life.
The target group of the project are 25 participants of the camp aged 17-25 from Shirak Marz. The beneficiaries are the residents of Shirak region, as the long-term outcome of the project will be the social condition improvement in Shirak region and the increase of the employment rate among young people. The beneficiaries of the project also are the potential investors who will be able to invest their money into innovative business ideas.
The project will last for 1 month, and will be implemented into 3 stages: preparation period (20 days), the camp itself (4 days) and the feedback period (6 days).
As a result of the project we will have young people with creative thinking, who will have the potential to start their innovative business and/or to invest their innovative ideas in already existing businesses giving them an opportunity to be promoted and take a favorable competitive position in the market . We will also have innovative business ideas that can become business models later.
The continuousness of the project will be ensured by involving the participants in the IBDC. The members and the experts of the club will help them with professional consultance after the camp. The camp is the first step of the IBDC's activity. The results of the project will affect on the further activity of the IBDC. The winning business ideas will continue their cooperation with the "Compass" NGO. The letter will help the teams to develop their ideas, to finalize them and find financial investors.




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